Buy Smarter with these Vehicle Buying Steps

Follow these top 5 vehicle buying steps to ensure that you get the best deal when purchasing your next vehicle. You’ll save time and money following these vehicle buying steps. When you use IOU for your next vehicle purchase, these are the steps we’ll take to ensure that you get the vehicle you want, on your terms.

Buy Smarter with these Vehicle Buying Steps

How to Get the Best Vehicle Deal

1. Get Pre-Qaulified

The first and most important step of buying your new or used vehicle is to get pre-qaulified, preferably with a company like IOU Vehicles that will provide you with multiple vehicle finance quotes, in which you can select the best vehicle loan that fits your budget. Getting pre-qaulified will let you know how much vehicle you can afford with your current income. This prevents vehicle dealers from steering you to purchase a vehicle you never wanted when you know what you qualify for to purchase.

A majority of vehicle buyers will go straight into the dealership and let the vehicle dealership handle the financing. Unfortunately, it is not in the best interest of consumers to take financing from dealerships who opt to use private lenders who offer higher than average interest rates. The only time this does not apply, is if the vehicle manufacturer is offering 0% financing for purchases during a seasonal holiday. You’ll definitely want to make your vehicle purchase at that time, as no one can beat a 0% APR the vehicle manufacturer offers. Of course, qualifying for that 0% APR isn’t easy, but its the definitely the best deal. When you use IOU, we’ll get you the lowest interest rates and monthly payments.

2. Find the Vehicle You Want

Once you get pre-qualified and receive multiply vehicle loan quotes, you can then identify the vehicle that you’d like to purchase. When you go with IOU Vehicles, you can either tell us the vehicle you want, or the criteria of a vehicle that fits your needs and we’ll locate several vehicles for purchase for you. We know you’re busy with life, so our vehicle finder service is great for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of locating a vehicle to purchase.

3. Test Drive/ Get the Vehicle Inspected

We can’t stress this step enough, make sure you either get the vehicle inspected or get it test driven before you make a purchase. We do understand a lot of people just care about the name and look of the vehicle, but for an investment you’re going to have for several years, we highly recommend test driving, and getting the vehicle inspected.

The Vehicle Inspection
The vehicle inspection by a professional mechanic is to discover any small or big problems that may turn into costly repairs after you own the vehicle. If any problems are discovered during the vehicle inspection process, you then let us know if you want to walk away from the vehicle, or you want us to negotiate the price based on the issues that were found. The vehicle dealership will then have to remedy the problem, or reduce the asking price of the vehicle so that you can get it repaired. Many customers like to use this as a bargaining tool, and often it works in their favor. We generally recommend that customers walk away from vehicles that aren’t well maintained and show multiple problems during the inspection process in order to avoid purchasing a lemon.

The Test Drive
We definitely recommend personally test driving the vehicle you want to purchase. There’s nothing like being behind the wheel of a new vehicle, especially getting it up to speed on the highway. You’ll quickly find out if the vehicle is for you or not.

We understand many people complete vehicle purchases online, so if you aren’t able to personally test drive the vehicle, here are two options:
Rent the type of vehicle that you want to purchase for a day or two, and thoroughly drive it around to get a feel of it. You’ll be able to decide from there whether the vehicle is for you or not.
Get the vehicle test driven by an expert who know how the vehicle is suppose to drive. They’ll provide honest feedback about how the vehicle performed. We provide vehicle test driving services if you aren’t able to personally test drive a vehicle that you’d like to purchase.

4. Negotiate the Vehicle Deal

Forget the back and forth and haggling when you already have the vehicle financing you need to make your next vehicle purchase. The vehicle dealership will not be able to sway you into purchasing a vehicle they’ve been having problems getting off their lot. We make the vehicle negotiating process smooth when you have financing that works with your budget. You’ll spend less time at the dealership, but its totally up to you if you want to go there at all when using our vehicle negotiating services.

5. Take Delivery of Your New Vehicle

The final and best step of the vehicle buying process is to get your vehicle delivered right to your house, or your office of employment. That’s right, receive your gift right from the comfort of your own home!