New or Used Vehicle Delivery

Purchase a Vehicle and Get it Delivered

Online vehicle purchases are now a thing of the norm, so getting your vehicle delivered right to your home, or your office is an extra added service when you purchase a new or used vehicle. In fact, Ebay Motors has been delivering vehicles for years before it caught on to consumers more used to purchasing vehicles at the dealership. There are many vehicle dealerships that don’t charge for delivery of your vehicle. If the dealership does charge for transportation of your newly purchased vehicle, we’ll negotiate the rates with the dealership on your behalf. Because you’ve agreed to purchase a vehicle from them, we can easily negotiate a delivery rate that fits in your budget.

New or Used Vehicle Transportation & Delivery Services

Transportation Rates for Purchased Vehicles

There is no standard transportation rate for purchased vehicles because it really all depends on the vehicle dealership you’re purchasing your vehicle from. Bigger dealerships that already transport vehicles from state to state may not charge as much as a smaller dealership that mainly only sells vehicles to local customers. Bigger dealerships already have transportation in place to deliver vehicles across the nation, and it’s more affordable for them to fit your delivery into their schedule, where as a smaller dealership may have to negotiate with a vehicle shipping company.

This is another reason why we recommend customers consider purchasing from bigger dealerships. Not only will their vehicles be more reliable during vehicle inspections, but they’ll have the staff and processes in place to get your vehicle delivered in a timely fashion to your home or place of employment.